Joseph Guy Ph.D.

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A Unique Approach

Joe has extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications, primarily in the material science arts.  Over his career he has been responsible for over 500 issued US Patents most of which have multiple foreign equivalents. 

A scientist at heart, Joe is often called on by his clients to participate in the early stage development of new technologies advising the research teams towards strong and supported patent claims.   By considering the protection strategy in concert with early stage development the value of the Intellectual Property is significantly enhanced. 

This unique synergistic approach maximizes the underlying value of the Intellectual Property estate and has led to many successful mergers and acquisitions wherein the client has achieved significant financial success.

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Joesph’s Qualifications

The global client base has spanned from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies in such diverse technologies as:

Medical and Industrial Imaging Systems and Components
Medical Products including Surgical Devices, Appliances and Implants
Conductive, Structural and Reactive Polymers
Functional, Structural and Surface Modified Ceramic Materials
Pharmaceutical Compositions and Delivery Systems
Active and Passive Electronic Components and Devices
Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials
Structural, Conductive and Adhesive Alloys
Composites and Structurally Reinforced Materials
Exercise Equipment and Physiology

A representative listing of issued US patents is available at Patents.

Patent Filing Specialist, Inc.
President, Treasurer

Nano One Materials Corp.

Perkins Law Firm LLC
Patent Agent

Nexsen Pruet, LLC
Patent Agent

Sterling Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.
Global Patent Manager

E.I. duPont de Nemours
Patent Associate & Research Chemist

Center for Naval Analysis
Professional Research Staff

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Naval Research Laboratory
Funded by American Society For Electrical Engineering

Doctorate of Philosophy – Chemistry
Clemson University/University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bachelor of Science – Chemistry
Old Dominion University

High Resolution Radiographic Recording Element
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EPO 0650089; JP 2854810

Improved UV Spectral Sensitization
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US 5,169,748; EPO 0611457; JP H07502129

Bulk Method Of Preparing Orthorhombic Superconductors
R. Panayappa, J.C. Cooper and J.T. Guy
US 4,900,715

A Structural Study Of Sodium Dithionite And Its Ephemeral Dihydrate: A New Conformation For The Dithionite Ion
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Transitional Metal Promoted Oxidation Of Sulfur Mustard Analogs
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