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The roots of Patent Filing Specialist Inc began with two simple questions “what if” and “then what”.

“What if” is the basis of scientific and engineering research and that question confronts our clients every day.  What if we replace the sulfate with a pamoate in an opioid?  What if we use a pultruded reinforced plastic in a barbell?  What if we use unique alloys to bond a lead frame to an external termination of a solid electrolytic capacitor?  What if we insert polyalkyl oxide between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic portions of a surfactant?  What if we precipitate an ordered lattice of oxide precursor to a lithium ion battery cathode?  What if we provide a screen to block accident visibility and preserve traffic flow? These and many others are the questions that consume the minds of our clients.  It is their curiosity which makes them successful in what they do.  This is the thought pattern of creative people and companies.

The next question, typically asked by the entrepreneur, is “then what”.  This second question bridges the gap between an inventor and an entrepreneur and is this question which drew the team at Patent Filing Specialist Inc. to explore further than “what if”.  By understanding the invention in a larger context, the true elegance of the invention is realized. Simple results from exploring “what if” results in business opportunities that far exceed their initial intent.

By combining “what if” and “then what” the simple question related to replacing the sulfate with a pamoate in an opioid results in unique ways to mitigate opioid abuse. The simple question regarding the use of a pultruded reinforced plastic in a barbell revolutionizes the art of exercise physiology.  The simple question related to the precipitation of an ordered lattice of oxide precursor to a lithium ion battery cathode expands the capability of lithium ion batteries which may result in the next generation electrical vehicles and tools.

At Patent Filing Specialist Inc, we are blessed to have the experience in asking “what if”.  We are also well positioned to couple the results of “what if” with the subsequent question of “then what” to insure our clients have the best possible support in blending the two to achieve financial success.

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