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If you are reading this on any type of electronic device you are likely utilizing technology developed by one of our clients.  KEMET Electronics Corporation, headquartered in Simpsonville SC, is one of the world leaders in electronic capacitors.  Most people have no clue of the importance of an electronic capacitor yet virtually every electronic device utilizes these passive components extensively.

You are wondering – what does it do?  An electronic capacitor functions with electrons similar to the way a dam functions with water.  If the water rises above the level of the dam the water flows over the dam to stop upstream flooding.  In one application a capacitor has a similar function.  A capacitor is likely part of the power side of your electronic device.  If there is a power surge the excess electrons pass through the capacitor to ground and therefore they never reach the critical parts of your electronic device.  You probably did not realize it, but KEMET is providing “electron flood” insurance for your device.

If you need a large amount of water quickly one way to accomplish this is to dam up a slow flowing creek and then release the water when needed.  A water tower is another way to do this.  Each allows for a large flow of water quickly from an otherwise slow flowing source.  A capacitor can be used in a similar fashion. 

A pace-maker, for example, utilizes a capacitor.  The battery in a pace-maker cannot provide a sufficient jolt to the old ticker when needed.  However, the battery can charge a capacitor and the capacitor is therefore ready to release a large jolt when the heart cries out for help.

Now, when you ride down I-385 through Simpsonville and see the big factory just off of the highway you will know they make stuff you use every day.

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